Tithe and Offerings: How To Give From Home

TJ Scott   -  

During these times when we can’t meet in person as a church family, our first concern is the safety of everyone and the prevention of infection.  We understand that the global and US economy will suffer, which means that many people who never encounter COVID-19 itself will still suffer as businesses close, hours are cut back, and incomes are diminished.  Calvary Baptist Church is committed to praying for and helping any of our members who feel these harmful effects (including picking up groceries, medicines, etc. for any of our members).

We are hoping and praying that our weekly services will resume in the near future.  We know that many of our members want to continue giving as they normally would, even if a worship service is not meeting in person but will be meeting online.  So, if you’re new to online giving or even if you have given online in the past, you can use the link below to make your contribution to Calvary Baptist Church.

We have many ways for you to continue to send in your tithe and offerings:

Online – Visit calvaryofkpt.org/giving from your computer or mobile device.

Give via Text Messaging – Simply text the amount you’d like to give to (423) 220-4025. First time givers will be prompted to provide their payment method via a secure web page.

US Mail – Send to Calvary Baptist Church, 1238 Pine Street, Kingsport, TN. 37664

Online Banking – Most banks will have a bill pay method that can also be used to send contributions to your church. Please visit your bank’s website or call them.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email the church at info@calvaryofkpt.org or me directly at tscott@calvaryofkpt.org